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Hi! My name is Linda "Fay" Kilcher Graham. I was born in the fishing village of Seldovia, Alaska in 1945. I was one of 8 siblings growing up on the historic Kilcher homestead in the original 22x24" log cabin. My parents Yule and Ruth immigrated from Switzerland to pursue a simpler life in the Alaskan wilderness. As children mother home schooled us from grades 1-6 until we had a road that allowed us to attend high school in the nearby town of Homer. I grew up without electricity, running water or indoor plumbing. Somehow this didn't seem unusual to me, since most of my friends lived the same way. We were living in the last frontier. I find that I actually still enjoy having a lifestyle similar to the one I had growing up.
My mother raised me to be self sufficient in many homesteading skills. My father having to supplement the family income by working away from home, was gone a lot of the time. Later he became involved in politics, helping to draft the constitution for our State and serving in the State House and Senate. My mom taught me how to shoot a rifle, butcher moose and can it, grow a garden and harvest it. We had a big root cellar full of potatoes, carrots and turnips. We raised chickens, geese, a milk cow, some beef cows and a pig. (we sold the beef and ate moose!) She also taught me how to cook, bake, sew my own clothes, knit hats and mittens, and crochet our own rugs. Besides all that she taught all of us kids the love for singing and music, a heritage which has extended far down into the next generations. Without radio or TV we sang a lot, played games, read, and explored outdoors.
Growing up I was involved in 4-H clubs from an early age, growing blue ribbon gardens and winning first place in my area for sewing, and later first place in State in 4-H speech club. In High School I competed in the Miss Homer Pageant, and represented Homer at the State level the following year. I was married right out of high school (too young) and had 2 children with my first husband, a son Alan and a daughter Conni. We lived on a remote homestead as well, where we raised horses, geese, ducks and chickens and gardened. I remarried at age 35 and had 2 more daughters, Anna and Rhema. We also raised horses and poultry for a while but phased out of it (when the girls grew to be more interested in boys and cars!)
I have continued my involvement with beauty pageants, which is part of my love for designing and sewing wedding and ball gowns. For a while I sold real estate and then I learned how to frame and remodel houses. One of my favorite things to do is to run a chainsaw and I currently have a small business chinking log homes. I baked and decorated wedding cakes for a number of years and I found that chinking logs is not that different from decorating a cake! I am also active in our local Fiber Arts Collective, sewing wearable art for the annual shows. Homer has an extensive artist community and it is fun to participate in local theatre and musical productions. I enjoy singing with the worship team at my church and am in the process of recording a CD of my original songs.

Some years ago my husband and I built our Eastland Creek retreat cabin, with more cabins planned for the future. Having recently sold our family home, we are now in the process of building our next one on the original Kilcher homestead where I hope to have some small livestock once again. I haven't planted a garden for many years now as I am on a new adventure - growing a fruit orchard! Now, with my 4 children grown I am finding there are still not enough hours in the day to do all the projects I have going on! I hope to run, skip, sing and climb trees (with the grandkids) until I'm at least 95!


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